I want this… I need this. I have been a fan of network aware thermostats and other home automation devices. Two big things have kept me from investing (based on their cost, yes, it is an investment) in one of these products: no support for Windows Mobile and the location of my thermostat.

Like many, I have an older house with a single air conditioner/heater. The thermostat is located in the living room, where it ensures that space is always just as I like it. Conversely, my upstairs rooms each have their own unique biome.

This device from Ecobee has remote sensors that will sample the temperature and frequency of use of these other rooms and automatically adjust to accommodate when we are all upstairs. Brilliant!

On top of that, which is pretty awesome, they provide an open platform that has allowed developers to innovate and create a third party app that is as good as the device itself. It is about time device manufacturers realized the talent that is available for free (to them, the app does cost a couple of bucks for us)!

Now it is time to perfect my pitch to my wife…


Credit to WindowsCentral, which is where I learned about this device. The link above is to Ecobee, but you can read the WindowsCentral article here.