New Excel 2016 Chart Types


Microsoft continues to innovate one of my favorite tools, Excel. I love charts and they just added six new types!

Treemap provides a hierarchical view of the data

Waterfall shows a running total, both positive and negative

Pareto is used to highlight your largest factor in a data set

Histogram is used to show frequency data

Box and Whisker shows distribution of data and highlights outliers

Sunburst shows hierarchical data via rings

Which one is your new favorite chart?

~ GW


Home Remote on Xbox One


This is really a follow-on to my post on the Ecobee3. Recently Microsoft updated the Xbox One so Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps will work on it. One of those apps can control the Ecobee3 and a bunch of other devices.

It just keeps getting better, but something that works on Xbox doesn’t help me sell it to the wife.

~ GW

Hat tip: WindowsCentral

I am a blogger again…

It has been a few years, but I have gotten the bug to give this another try. I am on the path to a new career in Enterprise Architecture while at the same time executing the role of CTO for the federal agency where I work. This mixture has introduced me to a variety of topics and products that I want to share.

Hopefully this will become useful for others who are interested in the same areas of interest I am, which will include:

  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Office 365
  • New technologies
  • Conferences

I look forward to building a catalog of content that will help others find resources and books that I am consuming.

~ GW